Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight

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Residential Unit Complex:  We saved the Owners Corporation $5000

  • PROBLEM: The road behind the building started to collapse due to soil erosion. This resulted in extensive flooding to the basement car park. The road was partially closed as 100% use would have caused further damage to the complex.
  • SOLUTION: We built a retaining wall in the carpark to support the ground beside the subsided area. The original engineer’s scope was for $60K, so CQM reworked the scope with the engineer and came up with a solution which cost $55K…. a gratifying $5,000 saving for the Owner’s Corporation.
  • OUTCOME: Road is now usable and restored due to the new support. With the completion of the retaining wall, the flooding has ceased. Saving $5000 for the owners corporation was a bonus for everyone. The project was completed on time, on budget and with no issues.


Heritage Pool Roof

  • PROBLEM:  This heritage-listed building needed the glass roof  and timber frame over pool replaced due to the age of the structure. Our Client requested that CQM work over the top of pool to avoid the cost of emptying it and because the pressure from the pool being empty for so long could cause structural damage to the pool.
  • SOLUTION: To build a custom-made structural deck suitable as a safe base for scaffolding so the work area could be accessed. This covered the pool to ensure that no debris fell into the pool and provided a solid, safe base for scaffold access to the work site.
  • OUTCOME: Pool remained filled while the glass and timber frame were replaced. The result was a purpose-built structural deck across the top of the pool that people could walk on. The timber frames were fully treated to optimise longevity while meeting heritage conditions.  Client requested extra works to be undertaken which normally would have added 2 weeks to project length but we competed the project on the original date.

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